Way of life

"Man comes in the world with positive views. He has contentment, love and compassion; he has awakening and discrimination,and he has the intellect which has direct link with all those possibilities. And the intellect is linked with the spirit, with our Self. By using them, we can become the men of actions. Kabir says, that only the men of actions can cross the worldly ocean. They make the best use of the talents which are gifts from God."


These are the most beautiful qualities in the life of man. Where they are lived, there is unity, there is love, and there is God.

No son of us is really happy each one suffers from unhappiness of one type or another – for physical, mental, or intellectual reasons. Everyone has one woe or another. The whole world seeks permanent happiness. Why does a person toil to earn his living? Because he wants some happiness. Why does he desire good health? Again, for the sake of happiness. Why is everything done in this world? There is the hope of gaining some happiness behind all our actions, but the sad fact is that man does not realize that happiness does not come through worldly things. He seeks in the wrong direction, for in truth, happiness lies within one’s own self; for our soul is the very entity of that Over-soul we call God, who is eternal, all-wisdom, all-joy and happiness. So, how is true happiness found? True happiness is regained by the conscious soul rejoining back to the Over-soul, for it is the image of the Lord – it is a drop of that ocean of all-consciousness which sustains and maintains the whole of creation and which exists in all beings; no place is without Him.

We have taken the physical mould as something real and think that we have to live permanently in this world. All great souls, however, tell us that the world is unreal while the soul is real – something eternal, unchangeable and permanent. Here the question arises as to what preparation we have made for the last journey.

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All are born the same way, their outer and inner construction is the same and all are endowed with the same privileges from God. No high, no low, all are equal. We are drops of the ocean of all consciousness which is God. The true spiritual man looks to the very God in all hearts. He works from that level. Such people, the more in number, will go to create more peace and love for one another. So we are all brothers and sisters in God.

During my last foreign tour I (Sant Kirpal Singh) was asked on television in the United States, "How can peace be cemented?" I told them, "Peace can be cemented only when men rise above 'isms' and Presidents and Kings rise above countries." To remain in any "ism" is a blessing, if we keep in mind the ideal for which we have joined it and rise into universalism; but if we stick obdurately to the "ism," the result is again narrow-mindedness and selfishness. Similarly, if kings nourish their gardens well and keep them blooming in all respects, they should let all other countries bloom the same way and further the cause of human happiness; otherwise there will be conflicts and wars.