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27 July, Birth Anniversary of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh
He was intoxicated with God, and to whoever met him he gave a little dose of intoxication, too: not to the senses, but to the soul. Suchlike was the Master, moving on earth like a man, a son of man. Our Master was a great one. He was himself God-intoxicated, and he let others who went to him also have a dose of intoxication. His greatest feat was that he made people sit and asked them to close their eyes and gave them an experience of rising above body consciousness to see Light. These days the world is not without Them. After all, God is the same forever. We are all His children. For those who are hankering after Him, "There is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty." Demand and supply is the law of nature. When fire burns, oxygen comes to help. It is God who makes an arrangement to bring someone who is really hankering after Him in contact somewhere where he can derive the benefit of personal experience.

21 August, Death Anniversary
Sant Kirpal Singh never wanted to leave this world because He had more love for His children, for the humanity than to go. Such a great Master – He had no wish. He never wished to go back, He knew, if He had to go, He still had to work for us – He had to clear our way. He went within to take us some steps above. In 1974, the year Sant Kirpal Singh departed, He started to give hints about the continuation of His work. He guaranteed that for the time coming He Himself will be responsible for the inner work and conscious people will take on the task to explain the theory and to give a practical example for a spiritual life. His Power works all the time, and our purpose is unique, it should never differ. Whenever Master was asked: “Who will be Your successor? Who will work after You?” Master said in the very open Satsang: “You are all my Saints." – "I want to work with thousands of hands." – "I will never let you down." It was His wish that His disciples should become conscious and be ambassadors of truth.

Throughout his life Dr. Harbhajan Singh's concern was only about the mission of Sant Kirpal Singh, about devotion, love and faith, and sweet remembrance. That was the subject of his Satsangs, heart-to-heart talks, and lectures as it is the main purpose of our human life. Please note that the talk has been slightly corrected in terms of grammar.