Man! Know thyself

This talk especially addressed to seekers after truth, was recorded by Sant Kirpal Singh first on a tape, lateron printed and sent to the West. It provides an overview of the essentials of spirituality and awakens the sincere seeker to step on the path of self-knowledge and God-knowledge. Talk given by Sant Kirpal Singh, divided in 6 topics.

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Satsang is a school "Where how to meet God" is taught
The first Satsang you get inside – first class. Another Satsang is coming in contact with suchlike people who have got first-hand contact with God. What do you want? That's the point. Do you want God? Or do you want worldly things? This is to be decided. If you have got true desire, yearning, to know God, then God will make arrangement to bring you in contact somewhere where He is manifest, where He is the mouthpiece of God, and He will enable you to contact God who is within your own self already. So your purpose of coming to Satsang is to imbibe the love of God, to sit in His sweet remembrance, to unite with Him. All things, past and future, all irrelevant matters can be dealt within your own place of residence. Come, but come with the very best of intentions. Bring the remembrance of the Lord with you, and take it with you when you leave.

To die before death means to rise (in meditation) above body-consciousness while alive. In actual death the silvercord, (which connects the soul to the body) and which is based on the reactions of the past that is broken. If you rise while alive, the silvercord is not broken – you have to return. The question was put to Prophet Mohammed, “You and all the others have said the same thing: Learn to die while alive! What is meant by this?” Kabir said the same thing, Guru Nanak said the same thing. To this question all Masters say, “This death will not take you to the grave or cremation place, it will only just let you pass from the physical world into the beyond.” And then our angle of view will be changed and death loses its sting.

Whatever one thinks, speaks or acts, good or bad, leaves a deep impression upon mind and these accumulated impressions go to make or mar an individual. As man thinks, so he becomes. Every action has a reaction, for that is nature's law of cause and effect. One has, therefore, to bear the fruit of his actions, whether one may like it or not. Is there no remedy then?

There are Masters and masters, with due deference to all. It is for us to see what we get. Those who are after worldly things or supernatural powers or mind-reading or perhaps healing are really not after God. These are side issues. They get that thing and that is all; but they do not get God.

We are all children of God. God is light, and we are also light, being of the same essence as that of God. But our light is enveloped by different coverings – physical, astral, causal and supercausal. Initiation means to raise up our soul and shake off the coverings: first, the one of the physical body, which is the iron curtain, I would say: to raise the soul above body-consciousness – physical consciousness – and open the inner eye to have an experience of light, and also to open the inner ear to hear the voice of God, or the music of the spheres.