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On 8 June, 1963, Sant Kirpal Singh started for His Second World Tour, this time, as a president of the World Fellowship of Religions, meeting national, religious and politic leaders to present the idea of the unity of man. His efforts to create understanding from man to man, for peace in the world and for tolerance among the religions have been recognized by many honours.



I have great pleasure in meeting you here, in the other part of the world. It is the grace of God, working through my Master, that I am here. I remember once, many years ago, our Master went to Karachi. When He returned to Beas He told me, "I received a return ticket from America. They want me to go there, even for a day, and give them a blessing. But I have returned it to them, saying, 'I cannot, I'm too old'." And He told me, "The God in You should go; You will go." It is His grace working that I am here. I was also here in the past, in 1955. Now again I am amongst you. I am so very happy to see you all here. We are all brothers and sisters in God. So, with the grace of God, we are all together again.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Report of Sant Kirpal Singh's tour in Germany and Austria, 8 June to 21 July 1963


1963-06-29 Berlin, Germany, Free University, Students Hall (with German translation)
Public talk

1963-07-03 Bonn, Germany (with German translation) – incomplete
Public talk

1963-07-08? Nürnberg?, Germany (with German translation) – incomplete, date & place uncertain
Public talk

1963-07-09? Nürnberg?, Germany (with German translation) – incomplete, date & place uncertain
Public talk

1963-07-10 evening Nürnberg, Germany (with German translation) – incomplete, exact date uncertain
"Oarka" public talk

1963-07-11 evening Nürnberg, Germany part1 part2 (with German translation), exact date uncertain
Public talk


Report of Sant Kirpal Singh's tour in Great Britain and Ireland, 13 to 31 August 1963

1963-08-18 Londonlow audio quality


United States of America & Canada

Report of Sant Kirpal Singh's tour in the United States, 1 September 1963 to 29 January 1964

1963-09-02 Washington (DC) - Harmony - time unknown
Harmony amongst the group

1963-09-02 Washington (DC) - A blessing to have a living Master - time unknown
It is a blessing to have a living Master / The king of our hearts

1963-09-02 Washington (DC) - Awaken! - time unknown
Awaken (rise above) now! "Brief talk on hymn of Kabir"

1963-09-04(?) Baltimore (MD), campus of the John Hopkins University
Public talk

1963-09-09 Washington (DC)
Radio Interview with Voice of America

1963-09-16 Washington (DC)
Be true to your own self

1963-09-17 Washington (DC)
Dyed in the color of God – text

1963-09-30 Philadelphia (PA), WCAU Radio (FM & AM)
Ed Harvey Radio Interview – text

1963-10-03 New York City
Eden Grey Radio Interview

1963-10-07 Boston (MA), Boston College, Jesuit School
Public talktext

1963-10-09(?) Boston (MA) "Second Church"
Public talk

1963-10-11 Franklin (NH)
Yoga of attention, the inner and outer man – text

1963-10-12 Calais (VT), Kirpal Ashram
Justice and grace – text

1963-10-24 Toronto
Interview, Seeing is above all – text

1963-10-29 Grand Rapids (MI), Fountain Street Baptist Church,
The esoteric side of religion text

1963-11-11 Louisville (KY)
Talk, Message to the Blind

1963-11-14 Louisville (KY)
What is a True Satsangi. Farewell talk in Louisville

1963-11-20(?) Vancouver
Man, and what he is, Q&A

1963-11-25 Carmel (CA), Merill Hall
Public talk – Master of Truth

1963-11-26 Carmel (CA), Merill Hall
Public talk

1963-12-02 Santa Barbara (CA)
Have grace on your own self, Don't look into the eyes of others. A talk given following initiation

1963-12-07 Glendale (CA), Sparr Heights Community Center
Public talk

1963-12-08 evening, Glendale (CA), Unity Temple - time uncertain
Public talk

1963-12-10 Hollywood (CA), Baces Hall
Man's true purpose on earth

1963-12-11 20:00, Hollywood (CA), Baces Hall
What is true living? – text

1963-12-13 Harmony Grove (CA),
The path according to St. Johntext

1963-12-16 afternoon, Santa Ana (CA), Unity Temple
Public talk

1963-12-16 evening, Santa Ana (CA), Unity Temple
Public talk

1963-12-18 afternoon, Tustin (CA), Cowan Heights Ranch
No new faith, mind that text

1963-12-25, Houston (TX), St. James Episcopal Church
God Power, Christ Power, Master Power text

1963-12-31 St. Petersburg (FL), Toffenetti Hotel
Talk to initiates