No son of us is really happy each one suffers from unhappiness of one type or another – for physical, mental, or intellectual reasons. Everyone has one woe or another. The whole world seeks permanent happiness. Why does a person toil to earn his living? Because he wants some happiness. Why does he desire good health? Again, for the sake of happiness. Why is everything done in this world? There is the hope of gaining some happiness behind all our actions, but the sad fact is that man does not realize that happiness does not come through worldly things. He seeks in the wrong direction, for in truth, happiness lies within one’s own self; for our soul is the very entity of that Over-soul we call God, who is eternal, all-wisdom, all-joy and happiness. So, how is true happiness found? True happiness is regained by the conscious soul rejoining back to the Over-soul, for it is the image of the Lord – it is a drop of that ocean of all-consciousness which sustains and maintains the whole of creation and which exists in all beings; no place is without Him.