Spirituality teaches us the art of life, how to live in the world with higher values and how to proceed on the inner way. By understanding the basic truths one’s angle of vision will change and one will be able to decide what is of real importance in life.

Therefore one may find it helpful to have a clear understanding of the theoretical aspect of spirituality, explained in the following “Essentials”.


The great spiritual teachers of all time spoke of spirituality as the chance to regain our own inner greatness. They witnessed the oneness with God as a practical experience and described it as a mystic state of inner intoxication beyond mind and sensory perception. They did not tire of emphasizing that what one person could achieve can be achieved by another one as well. But which can be our approach today?

Though philosophies and religious scriptures give hints, in the end, they remain only theoretical. But its alphabet begins where all philosophies and yoga practices end. Spirituality directly concerns the soul and its link to God. The possibility of self-knowledge and God-knowledge is the privilege of man, it exists at all times, even today.


Guru Nanak says, "Whole the world is unhappy." Kabir says, "I have not seen one man who is happy after coming into the manbody." And Tulsi says, "All are unhappy, either physically, financially or mentally."

So is there any hope for a man becoming happy? We are all after happiness, is it not? We are earning money, we are having possessions, we are having buildings, we marry, we have children, only for what? For the sake of happiness! But we do not find happiness, still it is there. Real happiness is within you. So with all these advancements we have not been able to be happy. The reason is, the third side, our own self, the spiritual side is uncared for. Reading scriptures, advancing intellectually is only a diet or a food to your brain, to the intellect. And from the physical food you give to the body, you become physically and intellectually strong.

What have you given to your own soul? There is a bread of life and water of life. If we can have that, we can also become spiritually strong.

If a man of God-realization talks about spiritual subjects, he speaks out of his own experience, therefore it touches our heart. They help our soul to awake its innate discrimination power and to use one’s free will in favor of the inner man. We invite you to engage yourself with the subject spirituality. Actually, it is the most important but also the most neglected subject of our life.

What is the mind? This is a general question. Guru Nanak says, "If you control the mind, yon can control all – the world over." The mind is a hindrance between the soul and God. So Masters tell us, "If you are ready to develop to know God, you must first put one step on your mind and control it and the other step that you will take will reach you to the house of your Father."