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"There is a great response everywhere for unity. Religions are trying to make the subjects of their religions merge into one. But what we are speaking of now is not the merging of all religions into one: let people remain in their own religions, but they should all sit together for the same higher religion, which is one for all. They should remain in their own religions and not change them, but follow the religion, which is one for all, given out by all Masters. These are the words you have to write down in your hearts, and never forget to live up to them. You will find a wonderful change; you will live and see for yourselves."

Sant Kirpal Singh


United States of America

Report of Sant Kirpal Singh's tour in the United States, 1 September 1963 to 29 January 1964


1964-01-19 afternoon, Washington (DC)
The birthright to be God - text

1964-01-19 evening, Washington (DC), T.S. Khanna's house
Ocean of intoxication - text

1964-01-20 19:30, Washington (DC), T.S. Khanna's house
Prayer from disciple to Master - including 8 min Shabad in the beginning

1964-01-24 20:00, Washington (DC), T.S. Khanna's house
How I met my Master - text

1964-01-25 16:00, Washington (DC), Friends Meeting House
"Birthday Talk" – Love is the way

1964-01-25 20:30, Washington (DC), T.S. Khanna's house
Searching and surrender - Informal talk on the conduct of life

1964-01-26 20:00, Washington (DC), T.S. Khanna's house
Love and intoxication – with Shabad by Taiji – text