May the words of Sant Kirpal Singh, when He began this work in 1974, be a message for ever:
"The work of the Conference will be carried on much further, each time we see that God is working through our neighbour, our brother – through all men; each time we resist the temptation to consider our welfare ahead of that of our brother or sister; when we see that every human being we meet is a child of God. Our common aim should be to alleviate men’s suffering and reduce their separation. In that sense this Conference will never end."

Scenes of the World Conference on Unity of Man, held 3 - 6 February 1974 in Delhi, India under the sponsorship of Sant Kirpal Singh in India.

Some film clips of an interview with Sant Kirpal Singh in Manav Kendra, India.
Unfortunately these clips are not continuous, but nevertheless this interview is one of the few video materials of Sant Kirpal Singh with audio. Some very short clips and those with broken audio or video had to be removed.


Spirituality teaches us the art of life, how to live in the world with higher values and how to proceed on the inner way. By understanding the basic truths one’s angle of vision will change and one will be able to decide what is of real importance in life.

Therefore one may find it helpful to have a clear understanding of the theoretical aspect of spirituality, explained in the following “Essentials”.


All the scriptures and all the world teachers have laid emphasis on the greatness of man, for he has vast potentialities in him, which he can, if he will, develop to any extent he may like, leading to Godhood. "Pearls of wisdom" are spiritual treasures that can inspire us on our way to achieve this goal in life.


"Man comes in the world with positive views. He has contentment, love and compassion; he has awakening and discrimination,and he has the intellect which has direct link with all those possibilities. And the intellect is linked with the spirit, with our Self. By using them, we can become the men of actions. Kabir says, that only the men of actions can cross the worldly ocean. They make the best use of the talents which are gifts from God."


This talk especially addressed to seekers after truth, was recorded by Sant Kirpal Singh first on a tape, lateron printed and sent to the West. It provides an overview of the essentials of spirituality and awakens the sincere seeker to step on the path of self-knowledge and God-knowledge. Talk given by Sant Kirpal Singh, divided in 6 topics.

Talk available at
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Love is within you, and when you come in contact with higher love, by concentration, you'll be charged. That is why if you go to a man who sells perfumes, scents, he may not give you anything, but the atmosphere is charged with perfume. You'll have all perfume. If he gives you one small vial, then? So a Godman is overflowing with the love and intoxication of God. Naturally those who come in contact with that, within that field of action, they will have it; a boost for God, love for God.



Videos issued to commemorate special events and celebrations