1955 - Sant Kirpal Singh's First World Tour

In 1955, Sant Kirpal Singh made His First World Tour spending several months in the United States and Europe. Everywhere He pointed out the importance of self-knowledge and God-knowledge. The simplicity and clarity of His words touched the heart of all. On 31 May, 1955 He started from Delhi and returned back to India on 5 November, 1955.


1955 Delhi (mp3) (48kbit, 23Mb, duration 1:06:51)
Man, know thyself! (transcription) - Sant Kirpal Singh recorded this message before His First World Tour in 1955 to introduce the spiritual path to the seekers in the West.


United States of America
Report of Sant Kirpal Singh's tour in the United States, 3 June to 2 October 1955

1955-06-x1 Washington DC
The inevitability of death - public talk, with shabads - exact date unknown, June 1955

1955-06-x2 Washington DC
How to contact divinity within - exact date unknown, June 1955

1955-06-x3 Washington DC
How to meditate correctly - exact date unknown, June 1955

1955-06-21 Washington DC
The mystery of life / The path of the Masters – public talk 

1955-07-27 Chicago IL
Radio broadcast via Voice of America
Message on the birthday of Baba Sawan Singh Jitext
(this talk was broadcast on 1955-07-27, it was possibly pre-recorded when Master was invited to a radio station on 1955-07-25 2:30PM)

1955-07-27 20:00 Beaumont CA part1 + part2 on the lawn of Kelley's home
Again and again Masters have been coming... with shabads, translation and explanation
Part 2, source from ruhanisatsangusa.org, includes another meditation sitting at the end, probably 1955-07-28 morning Beaumont CA

1955-08-01 morning Beaumont CA
General talk

1955-08-01 19:30 Beaumont CA
Farewell talk ~16min

1955-08-02 Hollywood CA
The true values of life – talk

1955-09-14 Washington DC
A question of love - questions and answers

1955-09-20 Washington DC
We have respect for all ascended Masters - questions & answers


Great Britain
Report of Sant Kirpal Singh's tour in Great Britain, 3 to 16 October 1955

- (no mp3s available)


Report of Sant Kirpal Singh's tour in Germany, 16 to 31 October and return to India 5 November 1955
- (no mp3s available)


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