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Unity of Man
Unity of Man is a spiritual movement striving to awake the public opinion to an awareness of unity and promoting inter-religious understanding. Unity of Man was initiated by Sant Kirpal Singh in 1974 and continued afterwards by Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife, Mrs. Biji Surinder Kaur.

The movement is headquartered at Kirpal Sagar near Rahon, India, a project for the service to man and spiritual development, and maintains a Centre for the West at St.Gilgen, Austria. With its project Kirpal Sagar in India, Unity of Man functions as spiritual, charitable and cultural organisation.


Sant Kirpal Singh – His life and mission
Sant Kirpal Singh Ji (1894 – 1974), a great Saint of the twentieth century was sent by God as the Saviour, and He brought the message of hope for redemption and salvation to the receptive souls and taught them self-patience, love, and inner yearning. He taught the world over the virtues of forbearance, patience, forgiveness and godliness with deep reverence and became the head-crown of kings and paupers, rich and poor, sinners and pious.

 Sant Kirpal Singh

Teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh
This website contains the basic informations about the universal teaching of Sant Kirpal Singh. It contains a collection of Sant Kirpal Singh's precious books, lectures and heart-to-heart talks and some videos which will be extended further on. 

 Sant Kirpal Singh

Audio – Sant Kirpal Sing
This website hosts audio/video-files of Sant Kirpal Singh.